Monday, March 16, 2015

2.2 Finding Rivers

We are back with the Rayne family: Orlando, Summer, Spring and Pourin.

Spring:  You know, if you drink enough of this stuff, you never have to sleep.

I'm aware.  Drink up.  Just a little more.  Now shower so we can go look for collectibles.

After clearing out this section of the neighborhood, Spring finds an attractive guy to chat up.  Our teen is still a teen so we are checking out other less creepy prospects.

Summer:  Cleaning potties.  Don't miss that.

Spring:  Shut it mom.  Your giggles just aren't helping.

Oh my.  PLEASE don't kill yourself.  Although I've never had a ghost and that would be cool...but still, be careful.

Spring:  I got this.  Maybe.  Should I have drained the coffee out first?

Rant logically.  Impressive for someone insane.

I was wondering what was going on with the bar.  It would seem that bars get dirty too.  It makes sense I guess.  I just wish these guys weren't so messy.

Spring:  You and me both.

The bonsai grew out so Pourin took care of that.

Pourin:  Just a little trim.  High and tight.  Lookin good.

A sign of the times.  Even the adults and elders are texting the one standing right beside them.

Spring heads back to the neighborhood to uncover the hidden grotto.

While there we see this.  Yes, Cassandra Goth as an elder.  One of the things that is hard to get use to is how the clothing doesn't change regardless of age.  Granny dressed as a school girl just isn't right.

Spring eventually follows the sound down into the mist and finds Sylvan Glade.  It's mainly for frogging, fishing and picking.  No rocks about.

She did fish up a few things.

Summer:  Wanna run away.  Now.  Join circus.  Fun fun fun?

Running away won't stop it Summer.

It's your BIRTHDAY!!!

Summer:  I just can't believe I'm getting old.

Summer:  Me an oldie.  He he.

Spring:  Yes mom.  I'm aware.  

Orlando:  My lovely.  You're old like me.

Summer:  Got wrinkles.  Just and oldie with wrinkles.

We used some of our cash to build a kids room.  Eventually we might even buy real beds.

Spring keeps getting negative moodlets for a cheap fridge?  Really?  Girl needs to get over it.  That cheap fridge has been upgraded and I don't want to buy a new one.

Spring caught a beta.  We put it in a bowl.  Not sure why but it seemed like a good idea.

Sill working on the collections.  Still not there.

Back at the park, Spring is getting to know more guys.

Not all of them are exactly what we're looking for.


Spring meets Zach.  He looks like a mail carrier.  Maybe?  Spring finds him handsome.  They get along great.  Nothing forced.  They are friends in an instant.  Yes, our girl is smitten.

Back home, Spring invites up all her friends and family.

Cause it's birthday time.

Happy Birthday Pourin!!!

Pourin snags the ambitious trait.  He would have made such a good heir.

And look, it seems they've fixed the family tree with the last update. Now the kids are in order.

All the oldies chat after a quick dip in the pool.

Spring spots Zach.  He's flirty.  Suddenly Spring is having romantic wants.

Like a first kiss.

Zach:  This seems so fast.

Spring:  Do you care?

Zach:  No.  I really don't.

Spring:  I really hope you're into fast.  Zach Rivers, I feel things for you that I've never felt for anyone else.  You, you're the one for me.  Zach will you marry me?

Zach:  Really?  Oh Spring.  Yes.  YES!!!

We should really slow down now Spring.  You haven't finished your aspiration yet.  Remember we weren't going to start your family until it was finished.

Spring:  If you hear a voice don't listen to it.  And just remember, I love you.

Spring:  Zach, baby, will you marry

Zach:  I love you Spring.  I will always love you.  I will always cherish you.  I will give you kids and ignore any voice that isn't yours.

Spring:  Oh Zach.  I'll be the best wife I can be.  I'll give you kids.  I'll try to keep you alive.  And I'll love you until the day I die.

Zach Rivers moves into the Rayne house.  He's bringing money and I'm letting him.  Rules be damned.

Zach has the soulmate aspiration.  I don't know anything about that one.

He's a young adult.  And he's not mean or crazy.  YES!

I got him a job in business.  Hopefully it works out.

Zach:  Baby, will the voice go away while we consummate our wedding?

Spring:  I hope so.

So here is the father (hopefully) of generation three.  This will hopefully shake up the genetics a bit.

Pourin moved in with his brother next door.

A part of me thinks I shouldn't have rushed the wedding.  But I just didn't want anything bad to happen and mess it up.  These two get along so well.  So, I have a wedded couple much sooner than I planned on.  I guess it was meant to be.

Next time...maybe babies...or...maybe not.

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  1. Just read the from start to here no wonder you needed a ts2 break. I still can't get into ts4 but i have enjoyed reading this blog. I do hope you can continue this.