Saturday, April 18, 2015

2.3 Spring Forward

We're back with the Rayne family.  Above is G1 dad Orlando Rompf, Founder Summer Rayne, G2 hubby Zack Rivers and G2 TH Spring Rayne.

Since our last post there has been an update to change the ways of painting.  I controlled Summer and had her try to paint a portrait of Orlando.  This was her best attempt.  The sims 2 it ain't.  Either that or I'm an idiot that just can't make it work.

Also we have an Easter Egg hunt going on.  Collecting eggs unlocks a bunny.  Since Spring is a collector anyway, the eggs just started showing up.

Speaking of Spring...

Spring:  Zack, I know we rushed our relationship a bit.  We just bet but it all felt so right.  I just got caught up in the moment but now....  Zack, you don't regret our marriage do you?  We've been up talking all night and you haven't once drug me into the bedroom and had your wicked way with me.

Zack: Spring, I love you.  It was quick.  VERY quick, but the love is there.  I've just been waiting on you.  Whenever your ready...

Spring:  Race you to the bedroom.

One marriage consummated.  We are holding off on trying to start a family until Spring finishes her aspiration which means completing a collection.  A daunting task as I've yet to pull it off.

While the family does whatever, Spring heads off to continue the collectibles hunt.

More bills arrive.  Luckily we have some money right now.  Zack was a mailman.  I'm not sure how it works but anyway he brought 20k into the house.  I'm not complaining.  This family needs more walls.

So while Spring works on the new enlarged garden...

I build a living room.  We have an actual living room and a television.  It is VERY yellow but I like it.

Spring completes the egg collection.

They look very nice in the kids room.

I finally found my bunny reward.  He is kind of cute.

AND this completed her aspiration.  I nice little bonus.  

Her newly earned trait.

Then we rolled for a new aspiration.  Spring now aspires to have a successful lineage.

Since I've never used this before and I'm obviously not making the most of my aspiration points, we purchase Fertility for Spring.  She is after all now ready to start a family with Zack.

Spring:  Zack, I was about we start trying for a baby.

Well, at least one of them had a good time making the next generation.

Our days with Orlando seem to be numbered.  I haven't had anyone die on me yet so I'm not sure what to expect.

Summer begins cleaning on her own.  I have always loved you Summer.  You are the greatest.

Summer:  Me knows.  Me knows my family be slobs.

Actually they aren't.  You just don't have a maid and I keep forgetting to get Spring to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, it was finally time to clean up that old pee puddle of Orlando's.  It's been in the grass for years.  So we laid a new kitchen floor just so we could mop it up.  We need an enclosed kitchen anyway.

Yes, it's almost a house now.

It's strange and different but I like it.  Of course by this point I'd kind of got use to living on the lawn so there will be an adjustment.  Add that to the fact I have yet to play a sims 4 house that I didn't hate...  adjustments all around.

Zack gets his first promotion in the business world.  I'm not sure if he'll stay there or not.  The new expansion pack might mean a change for him.

But many things are changing for this family.

Spring:  We're having a BABY!

Zack:  Oh Spring, I just can't wait.

But, you'll have to because this is the point when I, your creator, went off the rails.  First, I realized that doing an ISBI in 4 is a waist of time.  These sims are just to good at taking care of themselves.  So no more trying to keep up with points.  No more refusing to direct any but the one sim.  I'm just going to play the family through the generations.  I will admit that I probably won't control the children or elders...or whoever I just don't feel like controlling.  I've found my micromanaging annoys me in this game.  Mainly because it causes the time to slow down so much.  I get nothing accomplished.  Or maybe it just feels that way.

Also, when the new expansion pack came out I wanted to play the new careers.  I didn't want to start an new neighborhood.  I wanted to play this family...but maybe a different part of this family.  So next up we will shift to the big house on the hill and play around with the brothers, Winter and Pourin.  Ok, mainly Winter.  He's crazy but I love him to pieces.

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