Thursday, March 5, 2015

1.5 Why they not listen?

And we're back.  Summer is cooking.  Orlando should be working towards friendship with his son Winter but he's a mean sim so he's instead being a mean rotten daddy.  No, these two are no longer friends.

It's a girl.  The required kiddies are born but I'm hoping for one more someday.

Another shot of our trash plant.  Isn't it something?  And when it's in full bloom, it really does attract a ton of flies.

Summer celebrates the birth of Spring by working on her guitar skill.  Orlando would love to interact with his wife but she just doesn't have time for him.  Sorry.

Orlando:  My pretty baby girl.  

Eventually he puts the baby down and goes to work.  Eventually.

And we have our first FAIL!  And it's our founder and only controllable sim.  It's like a double fail.

Summer:  I cooked good.  Shrimp.  Yum.

Yes, things work better after a little sleep.

Spring becomes a child.  She has the social butterfly aspiration and thanks to the legacy randomizer, she is a loner like her mother.  Just what I need.  Another loner.  She is pretty though.

And the first thing she does is set her brother's favorite toy on fire.

Summer:  FIRE!  You will not hurt my books.  Bad fire.  BAD!

Well the bills have gone up.  Then again, we do have a lot more stuff on the lawn.

It's Saturday (I think) so Summer took her family to the park.  The one thing I'm not sure how to do is get different members of the family to different lots when they aren't controllable.  This trip was mainly in the hopes that Spring would meet and greet five different sims for her social butterfly aspiration.  Yeah, that didn't work out so well.

Summer did play on the monkey bars.

Winter stood there looking like an idiot.  

Orlando went for a jog.

Eventually family play time was everyone but Summer.  You know I was working her to death.  I've got things to accomplish.

TS4 world is so pretty.  Just saying.

Orlando cooked some burgers.

Summer heads home thinking the family would go with her.  Well they didn't.  Am I allowed to tell them to come home?  Would it even work?

At 7:30 am the family shows up on the lawn.

Fail # 2.  Spring falls into a dead sleep.  That looks so uncomfortable.

Summer:  What wrong with family?  Why they not listen?  

Got me.  Yes, I've got to work on the traveling.  Obviously I know not what I'm doing.  Well, later.


  1. Well don't feel bad....I don't know what i am doing in that game either. heh I admire you!

  2. Love the butt-up-in-the-air pose!