Thursday, March 5, 2015

1.2 The Crazies are Back

And the crazies are back.  Hi all.

Summer is socializing with her friend.  I wish I could remember her name.  The game isn't open so we'll just call her Shorts for now.  Shorts is a teen who just shows up from time to time.  Honestly that's the only way to get Summer's attention.

Our first bills.  Yes, we've hit the one week point.   Seems a bit pricey for a bathroom but it is a new undepreciated bathroom so....

Summer's teen friend Orlando stops by.  They stare at the stars together.  

And then he does his homework.  Yes, it's a little freaky having her only hang out with teens but what can you do.  I'm terrible at making friends in this one and she does need social.  Imaginary friends don't count.  

Summer:  Ah.  Calming.

Summer complete her second milestone. She moves on to her third.  For some reason, the level three career that she is currently in doesn't count in her third milestone.  So in the end you need to reach level three in two additional careers.  I'm not liking this Renaissance aspiration.

Summer changes jobs.  She is now in the culinary field.

With a new career comes new stuff.  She needs to cook and clean dishes so we build a kitchen.  Of course I get the kitchen bug where she can't actually use her kitchen.  Per someone's suggestion, I restarted my computer.  Fixed it right up.  Let the cooking begin.

Summer is working hard on both getting promotions and learning skills for her next milestone.

Summer:  Ah, strangers leave.  Bad strangers.  Good book.

Summer:  What do you mean you don't want breakfast?  I'm making breakfast.  You're darn sure going to eat it.  I don't care if you don't have a mouth.  What's that got to do with anything?

Love Summer despite her crazies.  Hate the camera on this one.  Need lessons.

The house is growing nicely.  You can see that right?

A stranger stops by the house, yeah ok the bathroom, and I forced Summer to invite her in.  It's so hard to make friends when your sim hates strangers.

More bills.  We're scraping by.  Barely but we're managing.

Another promotion is earned.  Free counters.  Yeah.

Still working on those skills.  Two down (to level 5) and three to go.

Oh my, Summer is almost an adult and I don't feel like I've accomplished anything.  Especially since there isn't a mate in sight.  Yes, I suck.

Summer heads back to the park in search of a man.  She finds folks just laying in the dirt instead.  Looking at the sky seems really cool until people just start parking themselves on the ground all willy nilly.

Summer:  I drinks to celebrate.

Not sure mixing alcohol with crazy is good but you go right ahead.

You have after all gotten your skills up.  If only we were doing better with our career.

Summer breaks the stove but does manage to fix it without killing herself.  I'd hate to be done already.

Summer reaches level three on her second career but it counts as her first for her current milestone.

Since the first career didn't count, we are taking that one again.  Why not?

Summer cashes in her hard earned points for a Potion of Youth.  She is now at the beginning of her young adult stage again.  So maybe we can get started on the family?  Just a thought.

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  1. Dang I realize I don't know much about the game either.