Friday, June 10, 2016

1.3 Holiday 100 Baby Challenge

We are starting with birthdays this time.  First up is Baltimore.  Baltimore has an A in school and has maxed both his mental and creative skills.

Baltimore Holiday (son of Mortimer Goth) is a Party Animal.  His is An insider, clumsy and gregarious.

Then it was time to celebrate his twin brother Boston's birthday.  Boston had an A in school.  He maxed out creativity.

Boston Holiday (son of Mortimer Goth) is a Freelance Botanist.  He is a perfectionist, materialistic and a collector.

Now it's time for more skilling and homework.  Bunny has managed to max her painting skill and has begun painting some masterpieces.  The moving fund it getting bigger.

The family has also been working on a garden.  Lots of blackberries.  Bunny is working towards splicing dragon fruit.  Soon I hope.

Bunny heads back to the park (her favorite pickup spot) and starts looking for a new baby daddy.  We are really just using victims of opportunity.  I am going for original townies over game generated but we'll take what we can get.

Bunny reals in the another one but forgets to take his picture.

Bunny:  What do you want from me woman?  I'm getting you babies.  You should remind me about the rest.

Our next baby daddy is the elder Geoffrey Landgraab.  He is outgoing, family-oriented and good.

Bunny begins mentoring her kids on painting. 

Bunny:  We've got to get some of these kids out of the house.

Time for even more birthdays.  Cheyenne had an A in school and maxed her creativity.

This new hair really helps her.  She looks freaky in shoots but not as bad in game.  She definitely looks like her daddy.

Cheyenne Holiday is an Angling Ace.  She is insane, a goofball and a collector.

The next birthday is Austin.  Austin has an A in school and has maxed his painting skill.  I have dropped the max two skills.  I think one is enough.  I could do it but the full house is getting on my nerves.

Austin Holiday is our first young adult.  He is a serial romantic, alluring, neat, childish & ambitious.  He moved out during the move.

Also to have a birthday is Destin.  Destin is cheerful. 

This is the point where I moved the family.  Austin moved out on his own but was later merged in with his father Gunther who was living in a big house all alone.  I could have sworn I took house pictures but I can't find them.  I tried three different houses before I settled on one.  It was unfurnished but had plenty of bedrooms.  It's not perfect but I like it.  I'll get pics later.

The new house had a fenced in back yard but I deleted the fence.  We put in our plants.  The house came with a pool.  The kids like to do their homework outside by the pool.  We are doing a push to get as many out of the house as possible.

We've set up a painting nook.  Austin has moved out of the house but he is still a member of the family club.  He stops by and paints masterpieces for us.  Such a sweet child.

Finally Aspen is ready to age up.  She had an A in school and maxed her painting skill.

Aspen Holiday is an Angling Ace.  She is a collector, art lover, music lover and hates children.  She moved in with her father and twin brother.

Skilling continues with all the kids.  Still more teens to get out.

The next to age up to young adult is Baltimore.  He had an A in school and maxed the logic skill.

Baltimore Holiday is a Party Animal.  He is Gregarious, insider, clumsy and insane.  He moved out alone and is currently not in a house.

Boston soon followed his brother in aging up.  Boston had an A in school and maxed the piano skill.

Boston is a Freelance Botanist.  He is a collector, perfectionist, materialistic and an art lover.  He moved out alone and is currently not living in world.

Our first four babies have flown the coop.  The memorial is in the bathroom, which is strange, but it was the easiest place to put it at the time.  The move is still a work in progress.

Also of note, Austin was abducted at our house while visiting for a club meeting.  No idea if anything came of this.  Not that I know of but we'll see.

And that is three weeks at the 100 Baby House.

Babies Born:  6

Aged to Young Adult: 4

1.2 Holiday 100 Baby Challenge

Hi everyone.  We are back with week two of our 100 baby challenge.  I have inserted this pic of our founder, Bunny Holiday, so that you could get a better look at her face.

Last time, Bunny had twins Aspin & Austin with Gunther Munch.  The twins became children.  Bunny then had a second set of twins with Mortimer Goth, Boston & Baltimore.

Bunny invites over Jaqcques Villareal, aka the one that got away. 

Bunny:  No one escapes from me.

They do more talking without words.

Bunny:  I so love a man in bunny slippers.

Bunny:  I'm getting good at this.

Jacques Villareal is a genius, insane and childish.

Austin brings a bug home from school.  Is it wrong of me to think he looks adorable in swirls?

We scraped together the funds to buy the kids the highly addictive mound of clay. 

Bunny:  HELP!  Fire.  HELP ME!

Dearest, you are going to need to help yourself.

Bunny:  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  No hot firemen to take care of little ol' me?

Sorry.  No.

Bunny:  Well hell.  I guess I'll just handle it then.

There goes all our extra cash.

Bunny:  Yes.  My sort of boyfriend but definitely baby daddy Gunther invited me to alien night and then deserted me when I wouldn't discuss our wedding that never will be.

Alien:  A confusing tale of woe. 

Bartender:  You got that right brother man.

Bunny:  But you see I can't marry him.  It's not allowed.  I've had a pregnancy with him.  He's really no use to me now.  Besides, he's a bit of a momma's boy.  Not attractive at all.

Alien Female:  I see.  If you give me his current location, I could have someone stop by and pick him up.  I have no problem using the same breeder multiple times either.

BOSTON HOLIDAY - perfectionist


Mortimer's twin sons aged up into children.  I think they really favor their father.

We swapped the bedrooms out which gave us room to put four single beds in one room.  There is NO room for a fifth bed but we do have a hall way.  Not optimal but we may have to make it work.

Bunny's third pregnancy has been really hard on her.  It could just be that to many people using one bathroom is causing everything to break constantly.

Eventually Bunny staggered into the hospital alone.  She gave birth to a daughter, Cheyenne Holiday.  Her father Jacques Villareal has recently passed away.  So sad.

The weekend arrives and it's time to take the kids to the park.  Aspen and Austin both have A's in school.  Eventually, Austin completed his childhood aspiration (social butterfly) and became socially gifted.

All of the children are working on different skills.

Austin became the first to be eligible to age up.  He has an A and has maxed the social skill.

Austin Holiday is a serial romantic.  He is alluring, neat, childish and socially gifted.  He has a 'unique' body shape.

Yes, we'll go with unique.

Later that day, Aspen was ready to age up.  She did not complete her childhood aspiration but she has an A and has maxed the creative skill.

Aspen Holiday is an Angling Ace.  She is a collector, art lover & music lover.

I really think that rolling at each aging up is making it more interesting than rolling all at once.

Bunny:  I need a baby.  He'll do.


Bunny:  Could care less.

Well, he's not very faithful.  It's amazing that this non-romance sim is doing better than my romance sims tend to do.

Bunny:  I'm just that good.

Bunny:  Come on hot stuff.  I've got something I want to show you.

If you are in doubt, baby daddy is Bjorn Bjersen.  He is gloomy, good and a slob.  Somehow I forgot to get a pic.  I'll have to work on that.  And yes, she is definitely expecting.

Cheyenne Holiday grew into a child.  She has her father's tiny little eyes.  Also she is insane just like her father was.

Bunny took the kids back to the park to skill.  She spent her time skilling as well.  It has become obvious that our little starter house is just to small.  We have a child sleeping in the hallway now.  She'll be working to increase her painting skill and save funds for a larger house.  She is also teaching the teens to paint.  Maximization of earning potential and all that.  We'll be in a new house before you know it.

Time flies and bunny find herself in labor again.

Bjorn:  My wife will kill me if she finds out.

Bunny:  Like I would tell her.  I don't have time for that drama.


A question with no answer.

Bunny:  I'm not feeling this.  Not at all.

Bunny gives birth to a baby boy, Destin Holiday.

Bunny:  They are so adorable in this first moments.

And this is where we'll leave this post.  This ends a little over two weeks of our journey.

Babies Born: 6

Aged to Young Adult: 0