Thursday, March 5, 2015

1.4 And the baby is...

It's BABY time.  They gave us a free crib so, fill it already.

Congrats Orlando.  You're a daddy.

Orlando:  It's loud.  Make it stop.  Make it stop.

Summer:  I'll distract him.  

Thanks Summer.  We need a spare after all.  The rules currently state that you need two births (or babies, I can't remember) but I hope to do three each time.  Maybe.  Well that's the plan but I don't always stick with my plans.

Orlando:  Wow.  He's cute when he's quiet.

Orlando manages to get a promotion.  Still has never painted EVER.

With the birthday warning, it's time to age up baby Winter.

Summer:  Wow.  Sparklies.

Welcome Winter.  Winter's first aspiration is Self Assured.  His childhood aspiration is Whiz Kid.

Winter heads straight for the fridge.  

Summer is working on her paintings.  I bought a second easel for Orlando but that went nowhere.  Now Summer just uses them both. 

A science lab is purchased so that Winter can work on his mental skills.  He takes to it like a duck to water.

Orlando and Summer both head to work leaving Winter alone.  Apparently that's okay in this game.  Obviously I've played Sim 2 for too many years because it makes me cringe.

Summer starts dinner while the family eats leftovers.  I had forgotten that you could call to meal.  It doesn't matter though.  With everyone eating at different times I just try to make sure there is plenty of fresh food in the fridge for everyone.

Yes, baby two is on the way.  Yeah.

The family spend some time around the fire.  Mom plays music.  Winter and Orlando chat.  Good times.

Why go get that yummy food out of the fridge when you could just roast a hot dog?

Summer gets another promotion and fulfills another milestone.  Her next (and last) milestone is to have 6 skills at level 8 and three careers at level 3.  This career thing is ridiculous.  It doesn't take into account anything you've achieve previously so by the end you'll have to achieve level 3 six times.

She has now changed careers again.  Back to culinary.   Ridiculous.

Orlando:  Hey hun.

Summer:  He speaks to me.  Make him stop.  Bad man.  Bad.

Yeah, so their relationship is strained a bit.  They are still friends but the relationship has taken a bit of a dip.  Working on it.  When we can find the time.

Summer continues to upgrade (and fix) everything.  She is working on her skills.   I need to complete her aspiration before turning over the torch.  

Winter:  Yum.  Fruit and yogurt.  

Yes, Summer has started working on her gourmet cooking (which is different from regular weird).

We've purchased a craft table for Winter.  Now I just have to remember to clear the pictures off so that he can keep using it.   If the kids can clear it themselves, well he hasn't yet.

Some visitors stop by.  It's Shorts and Orlando's sister.  I purchased a bookcase.  Orlando LOVES it.  I'm slowly (as funds allow) replacing all the non-skilling books with level one skilling books.  Wish they didn't cost so much.  If they are going to read, I'd like them to get something out of it.  Do they get anything out of reading non-skilling books?  

Orlando's family tree.  No, I can't remember his sister's name.  Sorry.  I am glad they finally have the family tree back though.  I missed it.

His aunt tries to get to know little Winter but he's having none of it.  Eventually she leaves.

Unlike Shorts who just keeps hanging around.  

We've bought the family a chess set.  Father and son get to know each other better while playing chess.  Behind the pair you see the families second room, a second bathroom.  So far there is nothing in it.  Just walls.  But it's a start.  

Oh, and I bought a child's violin.  I needed it to fulfill Orlando's milestone of buying  $1000 worth of kids stuff.  Only problem is...NO KIDS WILL USE IT.  Stupid kids.  Maybe someday.

This is a picture of our trash bush.  I found it growing behind the kitchen counter and moved it to the edge of the lot.  This is the start of our family garden.  Gardening isn't a priority right now but since I have a plant I might as well try to keep it alive.

Summer gets a promotion.  I have to say that Summer seems to be getting sick of working these same jobs over and over.  So am I.  This isn't how I thought my founder's career would happen.  I pictured getting to the top of a career or at least trying to.  HATE this aspiration.  It's annoying.

And this is where we are leaving the family for now.  No fails YET.  They're coming.  Next time another birth.


  1. Woo Woo! Did you make this tracking sheet?

  2. Yes. I threw together a simple tracking sheet to keep up with everything.

  3. Yeah, I agree with you about the gourmet cooking/regular cooking thing. Weird.