Saturday, March 7, 2015

1.8 Bite me

We are back.  This is a look at the family home.  Lovely I know.

Again?  Unbelievable.

Wow.  Orlando must be sick of the fires too.

Summer:  Protect the books.

Orlando:  I got this.

I get the impression that the insurance company is getting sick of us.

Spring has completed one milestone.  

And earned a few skills.

Spring:  Wow.  For me?

Your mom made it for you.

Spring:  DAD!!!  You threw stuff on my cake. 

Orlando:  It's festive.

What a lovely young lady.

Spring:  Bite me.

Spring grabs the music lover trait and is well on her way to becoming her mother's clone.  

She got the curator aspiration.  It's all about collections.  I bit annoying but doable.

And this are Springs current relationships.  I wasn't kidding about Orlando.  He is making everyone hate him....including me.

Summer watched Spring's birthday from the sideline while writing a song.  It takes FOREVER to write a song.

Shorts (aka Jacklyn): So, ya'll don't have time for your guest?

Spring:  Nope.  Not when our guest keep showing up uninvited.

Shorts:  Touche.

Spring:  What?  You think I am going to do my homework?  Why would I do that?  I'm to pretty to do homework.

Pourin takes up art.  Also we now have a strawberry plant to go with our trash plant.

Pourin completes an achievement.  
Summer completes her first (and only) song.  This will count as immortalizing the generation one torch holder.

This game has the strangest popups.  I'm not sure I wanted to know this.

You had better not be acting mean Winter.  You didn't get that trait and if you start acting like your dad I'll do you in.  I haven't had a ghost in this one yet.

Summer evolves the trash plant.  It's so pretty at night.

A little family bonding time around the fire.  This family loves their camp fire.

Despise is a harsh word.

Spring:  Can't help it.  He sucks.

He's your dad.

Spring:  Who sucks.  You know it's true.

No, I don't know when I'll stop keeping up with this.  It's all about the learning.  And what have I learned?  That I'll never be able to afford more walls.

Someone FINALLY got off the C block.  I am frankly amazed.

The family has been wishing for a pool for a very long time.  I finally gave in and put in a 2x2 pool.  It's a start.

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  1. hahaha love Springs scowl upon growing up. Yeah, Orlando is pushing his entire family away. heh He should get in his rocket ship and fly away. (He's in the astronaut field, right)