Thursday, March 5, 2015

1.3 Husband...check

Summer:  ORLANDO!!! Thanks for stopping by my lovely lot.

Orlando:  That cloud is beautiful.  Just like you.

Summer:  SMACK!  So sweet you are.

Go away Shorts.  If you mess this up I'll find a way to murder you.  

Shorts:  Aww.  But I want to watch.

Summer:  Orlando, you're my only guy friend.  The voice say I need a husband.  So...will you marry me?  Please.

Orlando:  You don't have to beg babe.  I'd love to be your husband and uncontrollable nightmare.

Aww.  I managed to get them married.  

No monies.  Sad face.  

Our first idiot....Orlando Rompf.

No, I didn't make that name up.  Orlando is a mean, clumsy, genius.

He wants a BIG Happy Family.  I think he's in the wrong challenge for that one.

And, no skills to speak of.  

Yes, I suck so bad that I had to snag a previous teen friend.  But I got a man and that's all that matters.

Summer:  I got a man.


Orlando:  I'm Very Flirty.  Do with me as you will.

Summer:  Okey dokey.  

We are persistent.  We want babies.  

Oh my gosh he cleans.  Yeah for cleaning husbands. 

Summer:  Yum.  Pancakes.

Summer:  Oh wow.  I don't feel so good.

Orlando:  It's your breath I'm sure.  It is bad Summer.  Very bad.

Orlando's family calls and we tell them, sure you can come over.  If people call I'm answering the phone even on uncontrollables.  It they stop by and the TH isn't home, I'm having an uncontrollable greet them.  They did come over on their own after all.    Notice that Summer stays well away from the strangers.

Summer:  Strangers = BAD!  Even if they are your father-in-law.

Orlando comes home from his first day at work.  He took a job in the Painters field.  I thought that he might paint on his own.  That would make this job perfect for an uncontrollable spouse.  I was SO wrong.  He never once goes near the easel.

Instead he goes to the park bench not far away and takes a nap.  At least he didn't pass out.  There are points being kept.  I'll let you know about them eventually...when they amount to something.

Poor Summer, sleeping all alone.  But look how nicely the house has expanded.  

Orlando finds his way home.  And look, Summer has made a side table, mirror and wall hanging.  Nice.

A promotion on our repeat career.

Working on upgrading the fixtures.  

The bills didn't go up that much.  Not good but could be worse.

Arguing with herself...and losing.

Do you smell that?

Orlando:  Yes.  I think babies are on the way.

Summer:  Say what?  I thought it was just to many pancakes.  


  1. I'm really enjoying this blog! I like your storyboards.

  2. Orlando's got quite a look going there.