Saturday, March 7, 2015

1.7 It's Pourin

We are back with a bang.  BANG!  Three of six.

Orlando:  I love you.

Summer:  Yea yea.  That's why you live.

Orlando:  Hun, are you sure you should be... Never mind.  You just carry on.

Summer:  It is time.  

He was supposed to be a girl but he wasn't so he's Pourin.  

Hard day of school Spring?

Spring:  Don't want to talk about it.  Just want a shower.  So gross.  I think I have cuties.

Summer:  Look what me did.  Ain't it beautimus?

Spring:  Very pretty mommy.

Happy Birthday Winter!!!

What the heck happened to your hair?

Winter:  Well... I am Winter am I not?

Winter gets the clumsy trait from his  dad.

And is aspiration sucks.  I'm not skilled enough for this.  His hair makes me want him as heir (he he he) but that aspiration makes me say NO WAY.

Spring:  Mom, dad is a real klutz.

Summer:  Yeah, it's his best trait.

Winter:  This stuff is so GOOD.

Another family member takes up the caffeine habit.

Well, at least he's good at something.  And it helps that they have a good relationship with Orlando early since he's going to ruin it later on.

I think Pourin looks a lot like Orlando.

He is a social butterfly and inherited his dad's genius trait.

Oh, and the second bathroom is complete.  

Now we have the night and day covered.  We should knock out this skilling in no time.

Well that's not a happy face.

Spring:  HAPPY?  Who could be happy living like this?  I want out.  OUT I say.

But what if I want you to be the next torchholder?

Spring:  Don't want it.  Use the little one.  He'll do it.

OMG!  One of them did their homework.  FAINTS!

Summer still paints sometimes, when I make her.  She prefers to play guitar.  But music won't get this next promotion.



And finally we try a new career.  I think this is our best chance at getting our aspiration completed in time.

Now Summer has to play chess for work.  She is enjoying it more.

Summer:  Sick of painting.  Sick of cooking.

Well no more skilling for Summer.  BOOM!  Now it's all about the promotions.

Summer:  I made me a cake.  Tasty.

Summer:  I is all growd up.

For an insane gal, she's really not that bad.  

I have Orlando change jobs.  It's not like he's ever going to paint anyway.

And this is where we're going to pause.  Summer is crafting for cash.  I've discovered that with the right mood she can craft a guitar costing $300 and sell it for $1200.  Kaching.  Pourin has taken over the chemistry set.  The entire family is loving the chess set.  Orlando is sleeping and luckily not causing any problems.  For now anyway.


  1. Huh? Where did that white hair come from....does TS4 have genetics? Smart move changing Orlando's job.

    1. I'm not sure what happened with his hair. I thought it had genetics but it seems sketchy. I guess I'll see how things go through the generations.