Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2.1 Spring begins

We are back to begin the rein of our generation two torchholder, Spring Rayne.  She is currently sharing her home with her parents, Orlando & Summer, and her younger brother Pourin.

Oh good.  You've had your coffee.  Your going to need that energy.  We've got much to do.

Spring:  What?  It can't wait a bit?  I'd love to take a swim.

Nope.  Time to get busy little torchholder.

Spring:  Well, these are shiny.  I can see why we should collect them.

You might be more comfortable in pants.

Spring:  No thanks.  Unlike some, I can do anything in heals.

Our poor garden.

Spring:  Relax.  They just need some water.  Even I can water stinky plants.

Oh look, Winter is here for a visit.  And yes, Orlando and Pourin are having an actual conversation.  For reasons I can't quite grasp, these two have a decent relationship.  Orlando throws mischievous actions at Pourin.  He accepts them and they both laugh.  I'm glad someone finally gets Orlando.  Lord knows I don't.

Winter:  Mom, I thought you were retired...from being torchholder anyway.

Summer:  Am.  But the bag was rude.  Will teach lesson.  BAD BAG!  BAD!

Spring:  This sucks.   Why are these breaking.  Mom upgraded them and everything.  Ugh.  Stupid men breaking every stupid thing.

Yes.  They tend to do that.

Winter:  Hey sis.  Sit down.  Let's chat.

Spring:  No time.  To much to do.

Winter:  You're going to grow old before your time.

Actually, you will grow old long before she will.  She gets one youth potion while you get none.

Pourin:  A gourmet meal would be better.

Spring:  You'll eat your beans and franks and you'll like them.  Or you will at least pretend.  Got it.

Pourin:  Sure.  Sure.  You know this spare gig doesn't seem half bad right now.

Spring:  Well, this IS nice.  But I can still hear the family putting up a fuss.

Well what about a quick trip to the park?

Spring:  Ah, this is great.  No family anywhere.

Spring:  How much do I have to collect.

Tons.  You don't have a job.  If nothing else, you have to earn enough to pay the bills.

Spring:  I kind of like fishing.  It's fun.

But you aren't an angler.  You can fish a little but you are a collector, you must collect.

Hold up.  It's a man.  An angry man but still.

Spring:  Actually it's a teen.  Cute in an angry sort of way.

Stalking a teen worked for your mom.  Now I know your father isn't perfect but Noah may not be a meanie.   Besides, I've scanned the available options and currently, there aren't many options.

Spring managed to get Noah over his anger.  We also learned that he was a genius.  At least we have a possible spouse.  

Spring:  Goodbye Noah.  I'll call you.      

Spring:  Eww gross.

Where do you think postcards come from? You are the one who wants to find one.

Spring:  So buying one is out?

Afraid so.

We have completed half of Spring's aspiration.

Moving on to part three.

Spring:  I'm learning to love food I don't cook.  I wish mom would start cooking again.

She's retired.  Just ask her.

Spring:  Why am I doing this again?

Cause he's your brother and you actually like him?

Well this visit was....ridiculous comes to mind.  She knocked on the door.  Walks right in.  Heads upstairs to play on the computer.  Heads to the bathroom to take a shower.  Heads back to the computer to play some more.  I made her go home after that.  She never even said hi to her brother.

Spring:  Well it's not like you've let us buy a computer yet.  And I just saw him hours ago.

True.  Also my plan to have Winter knock up a roommate is dead in the water.  After living with three women for days, he has yet to meet any of them.  None of them have met any of the others.  It's sad and pathetic.  So I'd have to play them for a while to get a grandchild and I'm not willing to do that.   Sad.  So so sad.

Summer:  Retirement good.

Spring:  Dad, I've got something for you.  It's perfect for him, don't you think?

Spring:  Enjoy!  I'll never make you another one.

Pourin:  He'll never have another birthday.

Spring:  Exactly.

My first elder.

Nice body for an elder.

Orlando:  It's a burger.  Made from cake.  Why didn't she just put a candle on a real hamburger?  That would have been better.

Spring:  Mom, you know you can still cook sometimes...if you want to.

Summer:  No.  Retired good.  Work bad.  BAD!

Pourin:  Well there you go.  Guess you need to keep practicing sis.

Spring:  Guess you need to watch your back bro.

Summer left us a painting.  So sweet.

Spring:  Uh dad, you haven't moved in..like...forever.   Dad?

Well the game glitched.  Orlando got stuck in the aging up process or something.  I went out in the manage neighborhood screen and then came back into the lot.  That seems to fix all kinds of things.  Orlando started moving again by using the bathroom all over his feet.  -5 points  I guess I could not count it since it was a glitch but it's my own darn fault for not realizing it sooner so it counts.  My first bladder fail.  I have to say that sims take much better care of themselves in 4.

I'd really hoped that would have been smaller this time.  Drats.  I hate to think of what it will be when I have a whole house.

While everyone else is at work or school, Spring heads back out for more collecting.

Spring fishes only when her fun gets to low.  She really seems to enjoy it.

Looking forward to planting this eventually.  Not right away though.

 I found an entirely new section of the hidden grotto.  It's a wonder what you can find when the scrolling works.

Spring:  You are working me to hard.  TO HARD!!

Poor baby.  This might be mean but right now you look like Dirty Jobs Barbie.

But we finally found our first post card.  That makes it all worth it.

Spring:  Noah, welcome.

Noah:  Are you torturing these old people?

Spring:  What?  No.  Those are my parents.  She's insane.  He's mean.  They naturally torture each other all by themselves.

This is a good sign.  These two are now friends.  Their faces seem very similar though.  Oh well.

Another liquid dinner for Summer.

Summer:  Got problems with me dinner?  Bad for you.  Me no controlled.  HA!  HA HA HA!!!

This aspiration is going fast.  Much faster than I expected.  But I have tried this one before so that could be it.

Spring:  This is harder than it looks.  Fun, but hard.

Pourin:  Torturous.  Loud and painful.

Spring drags Pourin to the library.  We all hope that he'll meet and greet people while we head off to collect.

Summer gets a promotion.  Nice.

After gathering all the collectables in the area, Spring went searching for her brother and found him here sleeping in his mom's old napping place.

She read for a bit before heading home.  She has completed everything for her aspiration except for having a complete collection.  She needs two of those little dolls to have a complete collections of those.  The two she's missing are two I've found before so hopefully we'll be able to knock this out soon and roll for a new one.  So excited.

Well this is all for now.  Sorry it's so long.  Until next time, happy simming.

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