Thursday, March 5, 2015

1.1 It begins

To recap:

Our young adult founder - Summer Rayne

Renaissance Sim: Quick learner, music lover, loner, insane.

Well here we are.  Home sweet home.

Summer:  Say what?  Where is the house thing?  Walls?  Floors?  I'm not sure this is what I signed up for.  Didn't the papers say house.

No, it said lot.  Your get a lot.  Ta da!  Don't worry.  It will get better, I hope.

Summer:  Why am I here?

Well, your a renaissance sim.  You want to read books.  So, library.  Makes sense to me.  Your lot doesn't come with books.

Summer:  Oh.  Books.  Books are my friends.  They won't hurt me.

Right.  Okay.  So, let's head inside.

Summer:  There are people.  Everywhere.  Stranger Danger!  Stranger Danger!

I consider myself a bit of a loner too but I think your letting your crazy out right now.  Just take some deep breaths and read.

See, people aren't all bad.

Summer:  I don't know.  That one is staring at me and wearing my clothes.  Bad.  BAD!

Well, at least she didn't pass out.  Poor thing.  Being around others is so hard on her but her social tanks if she doesn't spend time with someone.  Maybe she'll eventually make a friend.  That would be helpful with this being a legacy of sorts.

I don't think I've mentioned it but this challenge allows one dose of youth potion (that might not be the correct name).  I plan on using that each generation until I figure out what I'm doing.  Just a little extra time for the dummies to and her.

Summer:  Books are good.  Hunger is bad.  

Oh.  Well let's find you something to eat.  Yes?

Summer:  And then the bad man walked in.  It was so hard not to run but I is brave.  Sometimes.  You can not have my book Mister Baddy.  I will protect all the books.  Books are good.  

Summer frequently talks to her friends.  Invisible friends that look a lot like everyday objects.  Insanity is a bad thing.  I've seen IBSI where all the kids get the crazy gene.  I'm thinking of not giving my kids crazy unless they roll into it.  Waiting for her to finish talking to the table gets old after a while.

I bought Summer a bed.  This was as expensive as I could go.  Sleep is important so this is where I put my money.  Still no walls.  Walls are overrated when you don't have weather.

And we're back at it.  I guess there is a certain amount of time she has to spend reading to count as reading a book.  She keeps putting the book down and wondering off.  I manage to get her reading something and then she stops again.  Annoying.  But she is making progress on her progress bar so I guess that's all that matters.

Summer:  Peoples are here.  Peoples are closing in.  I will protect you book.

This would be so much easier if she wasn't an insane loner.  She gets into a bad mood when to many strangers are around.  And right now, everyone is a stranger.

Ta da!  It's a house...sorta.  I changed out the bedding and started on a bathroom.  TS4 sims get all embarrassed when people see them go.  Better to just build a bathroom than deal with the drama.

Heading back to the library when we see....this.  WOW!  I hope that's a career outfit.  

It took forever but we've done it.  We've completed her first milestone.   Yeah me.

Summer:  Excuse you.

Oh right.  Yeah us.

Summer:  I wants a break.  The park.  It should be deserted this time of night.

But you need a man to make a baby.  Eventually anyway.

Summer:  Hot dogs.  Hot dogs.  Yummy yummy hot dogs.

Apparently Summer isn't as scared of teenagers as adults.  Go figure.

She even makes (gasp) a friend.  Yes she's a teenager.  A lot harder to tell in this one.

Althought I hadn't mentioned it, Summer has taken a job in the Painter career.  She got her first promotion.  YES!  Monies. 

Don:  Hey babe.  Whatcha doing?

Summer:  Stranger danger.  STRANGER DANGER!!!

Don would have willingly made us some babies but Summer is in a crazy place right now so it's just not happening.

The house is expanding...kinda.  We have a shower.  A cooler for food.  An easel for work.  A camp fire for cooking.  I love the camping stuff but I've never took a sim camping.  Someday.

Summer:  Beautimus.

I bought Summer a work bench.  I read a blog where a lot of cash was made from making things.  If nothing else I thought it would be good to get our founder to upgrade some stuff while she's controllable.  Maybe I can make some stuff less breaky.

Summer:  I made a stool.  STOOL.  He he.  

And now you know why her only two friends are teens.

We're going to end things here on the a positive note.  Summer is strumming her new guitar.  She is a music lover after all.

Thanks for reading.  Sorry the pictures are so far off.  I've got to work on that.  Maybe pictures will improve for generation two.