Sunday, March 8, 2015

1.10 As Summer Ends

We're back for the final chapter of generation one.  I was surprised to see this.  The young one is sucking up to his father.  It still won't make him heir but I guess it's good someone likes Orlando.  Wonder if it will last.

Summer gets one more milestone.  It will be her last.

They're going to be cute when they're elders.  Can't wait.  This is the longest I've played any family so far.

The third bathroom is finally complete.  I'm not sure how you carve a toilet but Summer pulled it off.

See, things are coming together.  It would have been nice if our first generation had been a money maker but it might have also gotten boring.  It's kind of nice slowly building the lot into something special.  I just hope the game never glitches so I lose it all.  Then I'd be cranky.

Orlando:  Oh daughter of mine, I have a few pearls of wisdom I'd like to share.

Spring:  And I have a thick book in my hands.  Approach with caution.

Summer tells her first ghost story.  I read somewhere that telling ghost stories sometimes makes ghosts appear.  Summer knew plenty of people who are dead now but none of them paid a visit.  Of course she wasn't close to any of them either.

Our tiny garden continues to thrive (when I remember it's there).

Summer:  You must water Mr Plants when you take over.  The Voice is attached to trashy plant.  Must not let die.

Spring:  Why do I have to take over?  Why not the brat?  He's a genius for crying out loud.  I'm...not.

Summer:  Trust the VOICE.  The Voice is never wrong.  And if you say it is....could be BAD.  Very BAD.

Spring:  You're not helping mom.  Not helping.

Summer has completed all the tiny wood sculptures.  We are starting to stash the things Summer has collected around the house-in-progress.  It seems like a lot of stuff but Summer only collected when we needed cash.  So a lot early on but nothing much lately.  Now she makes more money wood carving.

The current house-in-progress.  I think I'm going to rearrange soon.

Darn it.  The bills are getting high.

I can get points for not using the aspiration point for the spares.  Nothing for not using all my TH's points before she shifts things over.  I purchased Frugal for her.  I hope it helps with the bills.  At least until she dies maybe the bills will stop growing so large.

Pourin continues trying to get on my good side.  I mean extra credit too.  He's like the perfect kid.  I'm not changing my mind but in another generation, you'd have been TH for sure.

Summer continues upgrading the fixtures.

Because it's almost time to pass the torch.  A part of me can't wait.  A part of me find it scary.  The insane loner you know and all that.

I'm pretending I don't find this creepy...but I kinda do.

Promotions.  YEAH!

Spring:  Chill out mom.  Just relax.  Enjoy the moment.

Summer:  No can do.  Much work.  Much MUCH work.  Must exercise for work first.  Then more more work.

Summer:  Coffee.  Drink of Gods.  Wonderous.

Spring:  So what is this important thing you have to do.

Summer:  Make you cake for birthday.  Voice says all should have cake.  Especially heiress.  Will put in fridge.  No one eat.  Okay.  Okay okay.  I no eat.  I eat leftover goodies.  Yum.

What have you done?

Spring:  I ate my birthday cake BEFORE my birthday.  I know.  You're mad right.  I completely understand.  Pourin will make a great little heir.

Silly girl.  It will take more than that to get you out of this.

Spring:  Like?

Your death.

Spring:  Well damn.  I was hoping to avoid that.

Summer:  Saw hammer.  Hammer saw.  Must make money for family.  Tired.  Am so tired.

We're almost there Summer.  It's almost time for Spring.

Pourin:  I'd like to take this moment to explain why I should be your heir.  I'm smart.  I work hard.  I have an easy aspiration.  I mean painting.  You mastered it.  So can I.  And wouldn't it be great to rotate the gender of the heirs.  I could take this generation and pass it on to a daughter for generation three.

Spring:  You have to admit mom, Pourin makes good arguments.  I think you should really listen to him.

Summer:  Voice has choosed.  You next Springy.  Voice loves you most.

Orlando:  And that's that.  You kids should just let this go now.

Pourin:  But dad, I would be the best choice.

Orlando:  Son, the Voice, which I've never really heard by the way, is a bitch.  Or so I believe.  She won't cave on this.  Either that or it's just your mom's insanity which also won't change.  So there's no changing things.  Man up and accept it.  You're not a wuss child are you?

Pourin:  You are all starting to get on my last nerve.  If I was the only option...  I must think on this.

Summer:  So handsome are you my hubbykins.

Orlando:  Aw.  You really think so?

Summer:  Yes, when mouth spews no words.

Summer:  Close trap.  No no no.  Must follow the Voice.

Orlando:  I was just saying that you could change what the voice says.

Summer:  Blasphemy.  You is bad man.  BAD!

Orlando:  I thought you didn't like me.

Summer:  Don't.  But need kisses.  Smooch me baby.

Orlando:  It's a beautiful day in the kitchen...a beautiful day in the kitchen....

Summer:  Shut it.  Making me angry again.

The family heads to the park again.  Yes, we are putting Spring's birthday off until the absolute last minute.

Summer:  Yum.  Veggie dogs that me didn't cook.  Tasty.

Sometimes, my game just bonks.  It won't let me scroll around like it should.  Luckily I was able to scroll out enough to send Summer to the mine shaft.  I just wanted to 1) see if it's still open - and it is and 2) give Summer more time.  I'm going to miss her so much....and yet not.

I couldn't scroll around in here either.  But we managed as best we could.

Summer caught three health potions.  I turns out that these fill up your hunger bar.  Liquid food I guess.

She also caught a batfish.  We mounted it and put in in Spring's new bedroom.  Yes, we have a second bedroom.  Someday I hope to have enough bedrooms that I can buy some stereos and blast music all the time.  Ah, sweet dreams.

Summer:  You gonna be old soon Bad Man.

Orlando:  I'm to sexy for my...

Summer:  Shut it Bad Man.  

Orlando:  Don't you have ANOTHER birthday cake to make?

Summer:  Hate you just a little bit.


Summer:  Made cake.  Yum.

That was supposed to be for Spring.  For her birthday.

Summer:  Was hungry.  Need yummy cake.

And you couldn't eat what was left of the one in the fridge?

Must have been a long day of school.

Spring:  Coffee.  Need coffee.

Spring & Shorts:  CHEESE!!!

Shorts:  I can't believe it's your birthday.

Spring:  I'm trying to avoid it.  But isn't this cake to die for?  Mom is such a good cook.

Spring:  Hey mom.  Welcome home.

Summer:  Stuff it.

Shorts:  This cake is SO GOOD.  I wonder if Summer would make one for my birthday.  It's not that far away.

Spring:  I doubt she'll be able to.  She says she's passing me the torch for my birthday.  And I can't cook a white and black cake.  Sorry.

Summer:  Why kids break. Break break break.

Yes, Summer takes care of all the stuff that has broken and a last minute upgrade on the sink.

Well Summer, it's time to pass the torch.

Summer:  Goodie.  It is SO HEAVY.  No want.  NO WANT.

Well first, let's look back on all that you've achieved.

Her second aspiration.  Yeah, we couldn't come up with the cash for a rocket.

Not bad.  More promotions could happen.  Maybe.

She was such a good learner.

I'm not sure if it's against the rules, but I used all of Summer's aspiration points to buy stuff.  We bought a youth potion and gave it to Spring.  Then she just bought what she could afford.  I'm not sure why I bothered with Steel Bladder since that hasn't been a problem for us yet.  So anyway, that's our girl in a nutshell.

The family tree.  Not sure why the boys are on one side and the girl on the other.  Why not just list them by birth order?  Novel idea I know.

Household relationships.  Sad, I know.

And finally all the weird stats that this game keeps up with.  Just for giggles really.

And that was her controllable life I guess.  Never sad.  Huh.

And now it's time for generation two to take the torch.

Spring:  So there's no getting out of this?

Nope.  Might as well just embrace it.

Spring:  I wish the voice would go away.

(laughs) Right.  Like that will happen.

Welcome to your young adult life Spring Rayne.

Spring:  I rock.

Well, you will be collecting them.

Here is where we depart from the online randomizers.  I stumbled across a set of dice while looking for a card shuffler.  It has a d30 dice in it so I'm just rolling dice from here on out.  I'll make it work somehow.  So, Spring rolled into being a perfectionist.   Well, at least she's not insane like her mom.  Otherwise I'd be truly pissed at playing the same traits for two generations.

Summer gave Spring her frogs if you were wondering.

Spring's skills.

Spring's relationships.  She doesn't like her dad or her aunt Holly.

Okay so doesn't like was an understatement.

And this ends generation one.  I can't believe I made it this far.  I'm learning a lot.  That was what I wanted.  And I'm having fun.  And now that I've caught up the blog, I can finally get back to playing.  SO HAPPY!  I've gone into the neighborhood manager and there isn't anyone who could be Spring's mate.   I've put all the elders into one family.  Hopefully the game will spawn someone.  Or I'll just go find some candidates and add them to the neighborhood.  It's allowed.  I plan on letting Spring collect for one young adult cycle and then make her young again.  Hopefully I'll find a man for her before then.  

Well I hope you enjoyed generation one.  If not, generation two should be better.  I'll try to blog as I go.  And as soon as I think about it, I'll let people know this blog is here.

Until next time...

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