Saturday, March 7, 2015

1.6 Expanding

The house continues to expand.  We now have a second toilet.  Yeah.

Summer purchases the Night Owl trait.  I saw another blog where they recommended buying these for skilling help.  My lack of Sim 3 experience holds me back on some of this.  But I'll figure it all out eventually.

Summer:  Oh I love a Rayney night.  I love a Rayney night.  I love to hear the thunder as Orlando yells at us all....

Still working on the skilling.  Still got a way to go to get six skills to level eight.

Orlando:  Stop.  Don't talk to me.  NEVER talk to me.  That is all.

Winter:  Thanks dad.  Love you too.

Yes, Orlando continues to be a meanie and alienate the entire family.

More experiments for Winter.  Please, just don't blow anything up.  Okay.

After reaching level three in culinary, Summer switches back to Painting...again.  Yes, we are all getting tired of it but this seemed the easiest path to the finish line (completing that darn aspiration).

Summer:  Yes world, I'm having another baby.  Bask in my joy.

Spring:  You're so silly.

Summer:  Are not.

Winter:  Don't look up.  Never make eye contact.  If we remain perfectly still he might wonder off.

Spring:  It's not working is it?

Winter:  Not yet.  He's patient for an old dude.

Spring, are you okay?

Spring:  My father is a complete jerk.  Why would Mom ever marry him anyway?

Well, he was her only male friend and she needed babies.  Maybe the next generation will do better.

Ah crap.  Why does this catch on fire so much?

Summer:  No worries.  I got this.

Orlando:  Wait son.  I just have a few words of wisdom to pass on.

Winter:  I'm tense dad, not a fool.

Well that won't replace it...but replace it we will.  At least he is learning something.

Summer:  Oh my.  I feel so bad.

Orlando:  Well whose fault is that?  You are the one who wanted another kid.  I was just scratching an itch.  Thanks for that by the way.

I was in need of parts for upgrades.  I figured I'd send Summer to the Library to order them off the computer.  I couldn't find an option.  I still can't figure out how/where you buy parts for upgrades.  Surely you can buy them from somewhere?  But I did have the option of stealing parts from the computer.  So we tore apart a library computer.  After a couple of times doing this the thing fell into pieces.  I wonder if it stays that way or if it resets?

Summer:  You work me to hard Voice.  To hard.

We had a group of people over one night.  This visitor stayed and COMPLETED a painting.  She did this every time she visited.  I couldn't get Orlando to even look at the easel.  Stupid Orlando.  

YES!  Two down...four to go.

Summer:  Ah, coffee good.

I should probably admit now that I added a hack to increase the boost from coffee.  I did not add the one that fills the energy bar completely, just the one that gave a boost.  Otherwise, there would be no point in having the stupid coffee maker.

Summer:  Am going to make you eat that stupid.

Orlando:  But....

Orlando:  It's my birthday.

Orlando:  Happy birthday to me.

You should be glad she made you a cake.  I wouldn't have done it.

So this is where Orlando stands.  Not good.  He has gotten us one point though so I guess he's not all bad.

So I'm going to leave it here.  I like the pictures larger like this.  What do you think?  Oh yeah, I haven't told anyone about this blog yet.  My bad.  Well, goodbye imaginary readers.  Be back soon.


  1. Good luck getting Orlando the Meanie to read to the kids. heh

  2. Do Orlando and kids really don't get along? It this a trait you pick or are born with?

    1. Orlando was a townie / game spawned sim and he came with the mean trait. He only gets along with one child. I don't know it that will last or not.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.