Saturday, March 7, 2015

1.9 Orlando Wantabe

Welcome back to our lovely home.  This is, in fact, bathroom number three.  We may have nothing else but we have enough bathrooms for everyone.  I hope.

I'm not sure why the kids have suddenly started doing homework but I'm loving it.

Orlando:  She really is crazy you know.

Summer:  I ams a cooking fool.

Summer crafted the families first tub.  I plan on crafting the toilet too.  This one's all about the wood.

Winter:  Can I stop doing homework now?  It really is kind of boring.

I'd really prefer you keep it up.  Wouldn't it be awesome if one of you got an A someday?

Summer:  Oh yes.  Most people live enclosed by walls.  Walls everywhere.  Walls closing in on you and making you CRAZY.  But we are lucky.  We live in the air.  Open and free is we.

Pourin:  I'd kind of like a bedroom of my own someday.

Winter:  It is a dream of mind too.

Summer:  Wall be BAD.  BAD walls.

Pourin:  So that's no on my own room?

Now we can make our toilet.  

Summer and Orlando have a little alone time.  They still love each other even though they aren't really friends anymore.

A cleaner.  Pourin is trying to become heir aparently.

Pourin:  I would be brilliant.  


Mega FAIL!  Why is it my controllable sim is the only one crashing and burning? - 5 points

I bought a punching bag for the parents career.  What are you wearing Winter?

Winter:  Gotta look cool when training.  These glasses say "superstar".

That's not what they're saying to me but wear what you want.  I don't care.

Spring:  Umm Winter.  Rude much?

Winter:  But she smells so nice.  Wait, did I say that?  I mean, sorry.  Didn't mean to crowd.

We may need an expansion.

Orlando gets a promotion.  Summer didn't.  Boo.

Mastered another skill.

An uncontrollable made an A.  YES!  +5 points

We have our first bedroom.  This is the master bedroom I guess.  Yes, I'm starting on bedrooms now.  I'll get to the rest eventually.

I hope he can get up one more level.  Then I'd get points.

A small expansion.  It's all the money I had left.

Winter:  We can do laps now.

Pourin:  Really?   How?

Man, time flies.

I did it.  My first aspiration completed.  +10 points

I didn't roll for this one.  She won't have time to finish another one and since I rolled for the first, I just chose this one.  It's close to the one she just did and that's good enough for me.

You look so miserable.

Summer:  Tired.  Want to be uncontrollable now.

Not yet.  Sorry.  I've got some things for you to do first.

Summer:  More things.  So tired.

The family heads to the park.  I let Summer have a little time with her friend.

Pourin gets some play time.

Orlando goes about making more enemies.

And this is why I'm here.  I've never been able to try this yet but now I can.

With hardiness of ten, Summer is able to smash the shaft open.  I'm hoping it stays that way for future generations.

This one is really cool.  It has a toilet.  Neat.

The plants hadn't grown to maturity yet so after collecting the rocks and frogs, Summer fished.  It's her first time fishing.

Back home, it's Pourin's birthday.

Pourin became a music lover like his mom.

He wants to be a painter.  Really?  A painter?  Boring.  I've painted A LOT this generation.

Pourin is a Orlando wantabe.  He doesn't like his dad but he looks so much like him, especially with the glasses.

After seeing all the kids aspirations, I decided on an heir.  Spring Rayne will be the TH for G2...whether she wants to or not.

And's time for Winter to age up.

He rolls up the insane trait.  This is where me and the legacy randomizer part ways.  I'm reading a TS3 ISBI where any child who rolls insane becomes TH.  Cool idea but not happening here.  

I got Winter a job.

This is all he learned.  Winter earned us no points BUT he cost us no points.  

Well, at least he likes his siblings.

The family was uploaded to the cloud under the heading of Rayne ISBI.  I think you have to have custom items selected to find it.  Summer has custom makeup on.  So if you're interested and you can find it....have fun.  I can't find a thing on the exchange.  Oh, and I'm using Aquatami on the exchange also.

After the family was uploaded, Winter was moved into the Spencer-Kim household.  I added some adult females also.  I'm hoping that at some point he might make friends with one of them and I could make a grandbaby.  It's probably a dream but there you go.

Well we are almost ready to pass the torch.  Almost.  Can't wait.

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  1. yay Spring! Dang I gotta say I love the graphics/special effects in this game!