Saturday, April 18, 2015

2.7 The Final Frontier

Working together, the household manages to get the rocket ship completed.

Winter, Sophie and Roomie (I am SO bad at names) all take turns gong into space.

Winter becomes an adult.

Someone brought back this pretty space rock.

Sophie crashes to rocket.  

Then she finds out she's pregnant.

Pourin is thrilled to be having a child of his own.  These two are engaged I think.  If not they are at least dating officially.  They aren't married though.

Olivia:  I think it's time.

Olivia and Winter head to the hospital to have their second child.  Winter freaks out.  Olivia calmly walks in greeting everyone she knows.

The doctor went in there and snatched the baby right out.  Looked painful to me.

They actually got a birth certificate.  How sweet.  I stuck it on a window.  It's like a frame for the frame.  Also I'm running out of wall space on the first floor.  I only pay attention to the first floor.  When the sims head upstairs they're on their own.  I've taken all the computers but one and put them into the family inventory because I was getting annoyed with the sims doing nothing but play on them.  I still hate the house.  Just to lazy to do anything about it.

Olivia tries to get back into shape after giving birth.

She gets itchy and blotchy.  Every time someone works out a lot, they seem to break out or get sick.  These new illnesses will take some getting use to.

After many many trips to space, Winter brings home an alien.  It's not the kind I wanted to find but it will do.

The ray gun is updated again.   I am LOVING the ray gun.  So much fun in one little item.

And the bills just keep going up.  And up.  And up.

Pourin maxes his painting skills.

Winter invites over his coworker.  You know, the one he's been carrying on with.  Olivia is devastated when Winter flirts with the coworker (whose name I really need to write down) right in front of her.  No slapping or anything.  She just got really sad again.

Winter takes his new love into space for a little space time woohoo.  Technically it was a try for baby but I don't know if that matters or not.

The ghosts cleans.  I love that.

Snow however does not.

Christmas became a child.  I just HAD to get rid of that hat.  She's much cuter without it.

But you don't just take one sim into CAS, you take them all.  It wouldn't let me out until I changed Olivia's last name.  Dumb programers.  DUMB.

The family tree.

Pourin and Christmas spend some time together.

Our roomie is running out of days.  I put her to work fixing everything that's broken and cleaning everything that's dirty.  I'm mean.  Can't help it.

He he he.  

This little gadget has the ability to make the whole town act certain ways, prevent (or greatly reduce) the chance of an alien abduction or increase the chance of an abduction.  So much fun to be had.

I've tried this with objects.  So far, the results aren't that good.

Pourin finishes a masterpiece.  I love this painting.

So, I hope you enjoyed a look at the crazy life of the Rayne family.  This is as far as I've played.  It's been really busy the last two weeks at work so no simming time for me.  Hopefully I'll get back to it soon.

I'm sad to say that this family can't get the Easter Egg bunny even though the other family unlocked it.  I don't like that.  At all.

I'm debating what to do from here.  There is a hack to allow more than 8 people in a lot.  I may get that.  Or I might move Pourin and Sophie into their own place.  Or I considered moving out Olivia and the girls.  I really want to move in Winter's coworker.  She won't give up her DNA so she 'could' be an alien in disguise.  Maybe.  But even if not I would love to move her in.  Also, I REALLY want an alien abduction.  I think I'm on the right track.  I really want to pull this off.

Eventually I will get back to the main house.  Not just yet though.  It doesn't bother me that I'm not playing equal amounts of time on each house right now.  I might someday or I may  never.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed.  See you back here soon, I hope.