Saturday, April 18, 2015

2.6 Ghost & Girls

Pourin starts sprucing up the place.  There's a new girl moving in just for him.  Yes, I lost my mind and moved in someone I hoped would be a girlfriend for Pourin.  I knew nothing about her before I merged her in.  Call it a moment of insanity.

Meet Sophie future love interest of Pourin.  I wouldn't have chosen those traits for his woman but she'll have to do.

Sophie takes a job in the astronaut field.  She's started building a space ship for the families personal use.

Things are just clicking right along for Winter.  He's learning all kinds of things.

Winter:  What do you want from me?  I said I was ok with you having another kid.  What more do you want?

Olivia:  Love.  Support.  Your last name.

Winter:  Well that ain't happening.  Deal with it.

Snow ages up and she's pretty.  She's also evil.  Why am I still rolling for these things?  Oh well.  We can't all be good.

Winter has to start making moral choices at work.  To be good or to be bad.  I'm going for the good because even though Winter is insane, he isn't evil.

Work continues on the rocket.

And start making an antenna that will let us contact aliens.  Quick tip, don't start a new project with less that an hour left of work.  It wouldn't let me finish it when I came back and I had to start over again.  Oh well.

I tried and tried but couldn't figure out how to get Olivia to read a book to Snow.  I'm not sure what I'm missing.

Pourin and Sophie are now an item.

Snow picks on the poor red dragon.  Poor little guy.

Sophie and Pourin borrow the telescope for a little woohoo action.

It puts him in a good mood to work on his masterpieces.

A picture of the earned rewards for Olivia.

Speaking of, she's a little down.  She's sad because Winter isn't paying enough attention to her.  She is also our first sim to make some of the new foods that came with the expansion.  They don't look great but everyone seems to think they're tasty.

Our ghosty comes to visit.  I seems weird to me to see her changing colors.  I assume she changes colors with her mood.  Just an assumption.

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