Saturday, April 18, 2015

2.5 Awkward

We're back with the brothers on the hill.  Pourin continues to paint like a mad man.  He's enjoying himself and I'm good with that.

Olivia goes into labor so we try the 'go to the hospital' option.  I thought it might be fun now that we HAVE a hospital.

Winter arrives, heads straight for a computer, and acts like a crazy man.  Technically he is insane but that doesn't mean you have to act a fool.

Everything glitched.  Olivia was told to go to work while she was at the hospital trying to have a baby.  We wind up back home for a home birth instead.

 Winter and Olivia have a daughter Snow.  The game wouldn't let me keep her last name as Spencer-Kim-Lewis.  Why the heck did you give her an incredibly long name if you weren't going to let the game keep the incredibly long names.  Dump ass programmers.  Snow's last name is now Rayne.  Much easier that way but no, her parents aren't married, engaged or even officially dating.

The brothers play with the baby.  Olivia tells compete strangers that she's a mother.

Winter continues with his work.  He finally has some non-elder coworkers.  He still gets flirty from time to time at work and this is who he's considering flirting with.  It's not that he isn't into Olivia.  He is.  But his isn't completely committed.

Winter is building his own lab in the side yard.  I've know that I should try to build him an underground lab but I haven't been in the mood to try it yet.  I've never been a fan of basements but eventually I need to try one out.  I might love it.  It could happen.

Yikes.  They aren't going to have money long at this rate.  Good thing we have a lot of adults in this house.

If only the adults would take care of the baby.  Poor Snow.

It's collection day at work.  Winter is sent out to find stuff that will be used for his creations.

There is a lot more stuff surrounding the lab than I originally thought.  If you don't want to work one day, there are other things you could do.

Like collect, fish, cook out, meet folks walking by.  

Back home, more painting.  We're covering the walls with photos from the telescope and pictures from Pourin.

Things are going well.  We're having fun.  And then...

Why did Spring have her TWINS when the aging is OFF????  The twins have hideous names.  I know I can eventually change them.  You can change anything when you change the clothes and makeup including names.  But this totally annoys me.  I don't know if it was a glitch, if I did something wrong, or if the game has a fatal flaw.  Oh well.  We continue on since there isn't much else we can do, but I am officially annoyed by this.

Winter continues to get to know his coworker.  I wish I could remember her name.

Winter begins working on a space ship at work.  This could be such fun.

Winter upgrades his ice ray and then uses start a fire.  Whoops.

And then he starts another fire.

Olivia:  Winter....we're expecting.

Winter:  Expecting what?

Olivia:  A baby you idiot.  I'm pregnant.

Winter:  Oh.  OH.  Okay.


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