Saturday, April 18, 2015

2.4 House on the Hill

So, here we are at the house on the hill.  Our inhabitants, who all ran off to play various computers, are Winter Rayne, Pourin Rayne, Olivia Spencer blah blah blah, and two townie women who's name I can't be bothered to remember.  I merged them into the house hoping they'd become friends with Winter and maybe I could pop over and produce a cousin for the main house.  No, that didn't work out.  Anyway...

Pourin wants to be an artist like his mom Summer.  He immediately takes to painting in various locations around this ginormous house.  A house I don't like by the way.  Can't help it.  Just don't care for it.

Winter:  Hey babe.  Who are you.

Olivia:  I'm Olivia.  This is my house.

Winter:  Was babe.  Was.  So, you wanta...

Olivia:  Go upstairs far away from you.  Yes, I do.  I really do.

With his love life not progressing as he'd like, Winter throws himself into his new career as a scientist.  Each day he's given tasks to do.  As he completes the tasks, a new one shows up.  He can leave work early or stay late.  He can do the tasks or not.  But his status bar only fills up if he does his job.  Funny how that works.

After stumbling around a bit, we finally start to get the hang of things.

Winter sets off to make the freeze ray which was one of today's tasks.

His crazy personality has him getting all flirty at work.  Goofball.

Of course we had to try the freeze ray out on one of our roomies.

Yes, that's ice.  Nicely done Winter.

She eventually starts to thaw out.  It's a neat trick and I could see the evil simmies having a blast with this.  A word of warning though, do NOT freeze someone in a kitchen near appliances.  Said appliances will stop functioning and must be replaced.  It could be a glitch but I had to relace the fridge, coffee maker, stove and sink.  Good thing these folks have money.  I am SO enjoying having money for a change.

Olivia and Winter eventually build a relationship.

Turns out she's a little goofy too.

I will get my cousins after all.

A promotion for Winter.

Olivia:  On Winter.  We're going to be PARENTS!

Winter:  Really?  Ah...that's...great?

Winter purchases a new telescope to help him in his career and give him a place to hide from the crazy pregnant woman.

And she really is a crazy pregnant woman.  Weird this one.

Our roomie comes down with a cold or something.  It may or may not be related to being frozen.  I actually think it isn't related.  I think this was caused by exhaustion and her being an elder.  I could be wrong though.  She cured herself by drinking juice or something.  I'm not controlling the roomies.  I'm barely controlling Pourin and Olivia.

Winter was off for a few days so we finally had a chance to go to work with Olivia.  She's started the medical field.

It's very similar to the science field.  You just do different things.  Make beds, clean puddles, get patients food, talk....a lot of talking.  An annoying amount of talking.

I don't know what I'm doing but it's kind of fun.  I'm focusing on the science field though so we won't be seeing much of the hospital unless Winters off work that day.

My first death.  And now we know her name.

Poor Alena.  She didn't have much of a life.  We'll keep her urn around and maybe she'll visit us.  My first ghosty.

DEATH stayed for a bit and chatted with Winter.  I noticed that our other roomie has gotten old.  She stares at that urn knowing that she is likely next.

Winter gets a DNA sample from DEATH.  That could be interesting.

But DEATH can't linger forever so off he goes.  And off I go for now.  Be back soon.

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