Sunday, December 6, 2015

1.3 Triple Play

Last time:  Our heiress Tatinana Kitling became so glitchy she was aged up early.  Our founder Jackson Kitling continued writing novels to work towards his aspiration of Bestselling Author.  His wife Yaretzi Devries Kitling got a promotion while working towards her aspiration of Master Chef.  Also we just learned that Yaretzi & Jackson are expecting their second child.  Can you say spare heir?  Come on girl!

We start this espisode with Jackson cashing in some earned aspiration points to become a creative visionary.  We're hoping that helps him sell more best sellers.

Tatiana completes her first childhood aspiration.  She is now creatively gifted.  This is the first time I've finished a childhood aspiration so I'm pumped.  It appears that you get to chose a second aspiration if you finish the first so I gave her the Rambunctious aspiration where you work on your motor skills.  I think we have an outside shot of finishing it.

Yaretzi needs a silver medal for a dinner party to advance in her aspiration.  Since she's off work for a few days, now seems like a good time even though she's quite pregnant.  We purchased a stereo and a bar for the event.  Yaretzi is catering the event and Jackson is acting as host.

Yaretzi invited over her old roommates which are actually the only people she knows.  The Kitling family aren't a very outgoing family.  Tatiana makes it home from school in time to join the party.  Yaretzi served a breakfast scramble because we had all the extra ingredients so it was bound to come out really good.

Yaretzi made drinks for the guest.  They didn't seem interested so she started drinking them herself.  I'm not sure that's a good thing when you're pregnant but she doesn't always listen to me.

It was a good party.  We earned our silver medal.  Good thing we didn't need a gold.  I couldn't get anyone to drink together no matter what I tried.

Yaretzi earned this pot rack.  Since we don't have kitchen walls, it was put in the master bedroom.  I actually like it there.

After the party, Jackson gets busy fixing everything that was broken.  Yaretzi kicks back with a good book about mixology.

Cason Landgraab ages up.  He looks like a Landgraab.  Potential spouse for our heiress right there.

Jackson continues with his yoga.   He looks impressive but I think he's only on level 5 or so.

Yaretzi is popping out of her clothes again but Jackson still thinks she's sexy.

I worry for our future little Kitling.  Yaretzi drinks almost everything she makes.

Yaretzi helps Tatiana with her homework.  Tatiana has a B but we really want an A for our heiress.

Yaretzi goes into labor.  Jackson was at a critical point in crafting his new novel so she heads off to the hospital alone.

Yaretzi gives birth to a daughter, Nora Kitling.  Yeah!  A spare heir.

Yaretzi gives birth to a son, Cale Kitling.  Okay.  He won't take up to much space.

Yaretzi gives birth to a son, Ryan Kitling.  WHAT?

Yes, Yaretzi has natural triples with no fertility treatments what so ever.  I almost didn't let them try for baby a second time.  I REALLY never thought this would happen.  Needless to say, we are closing down the baby show for this generation.

Our little darlings are luckily glitch free.  Or not.  We get to experience the baby faze where the babies seem to constantly cry no matter what you do.  Now, multiply that by three.  I did not find this faze enjoyable at all.  It is this moment that I am truly glad that there is no toddler stage.  I just wasn't up for all that.

Tatiana has earned her A.  The others may never reach this mark but we'll give it a go.  At least for Nora anyway.  The boys will not have a happy and fulfilling life I fear.

Tatiana starts working on her second aspiration (aka getting away from the noisy babies).

Jackson is embracing the whole 'stay-at-home dad' thing whether he wants to or not.

A kiddy bunker is built.  One bedroom and a bathroom.  Eventually we add more beds for the kids and a shower.  Yes, this is going to be a unique legacy house.  I am embracing the lack of weather.  Or...LOVE'N IT!!!

The triplets age up.  This is our spare heiress Nora.  There is a braid back there is you were wondering.  She rolled up the childhood aspiration of Creative and the trait Creative.  Nice pairing there.

This is little Cale.  Cale rolled up the Social Butterfly aspiration (which I've never managed to complete).  His trait is creative.

And finally Ryan.  Ryan rolled up the Creative aspiration and the Active trait.  Notice that all the triplets got their mother's eye color.  

Tatiana doesn't seem to be enjoying having siblings.  Poor baby.

Cale starts working on his social aspiration (aka introduce the child to a bunch of strangers and then leave him on his own).  I think the guy with his back to us is Alexander Goth.

Jackson evolves some of the plants.  We've purchased some starter seed packets (now that the royalties are really rolling in) and we've expanded the garden some.

The triplets share a meal.  Eventually I need to get the entire family around the table.  I think I get a point for six family members eating a meal around the table together.

Our creative kids are working on their creativity.  Although Nora has the creative trait, Ryan seems to be skilling up faster.

It took much longer than I'd like to admit to realize that Tatiana was working on the wrong playset.  We rectified that finally.  Cale came over to play too but Tatiana was not nice to him.

Yaretzi earns another promotion.  We need to work on mixology skills some more and I have to figure out which side of the career field she needs to take when she gets up half way.  

That's all for now friends.  I was gone all weekend so no play time for me.

Jackson is one or two best sellers from completing his aspiration.  Yaretzi is making strives on hers.  Tatiana is working on her typewriter skills for her aspiration.  Nora and Ryan are hard at work on earning creativity.  Poor Cale.  I'm hoping he can become best friends with one of his siblings.  Otherwise he has no hope at his childhood aspiration.

Totally enjoying the family right now.  Hope this post was better than the last two.

Although I haven't mentioned points I am keeping up with a spreadsheet I downloaded.  

Current Legacy Score:  3....out of 100  

family = 1 (for our founder Jackson)
love = 1 (for 3 unique traits for heir spouses)
active = 1 (for Tatiana earning her childhood aspiration)

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