Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1.2 Glitchy Baby

The last update was so exciting I'm sure you just couldn't wait for the next one.

So here is our little heiress Tatiana.  This is the one and only picture of her as a baby object.  

Every time one of her parents went over to comfort their sad little lady, the game FROZE.  A half dozen times it froze.  ANNOYING! 

So Tatiana was aged up prematurely.  Then no more freezes.  But what is she wearing.  Nope.  That just won't do.

The Kitling nose is strong in this one.

Tatiana Kitling, heiress for generation two, is a goofball who rolled up Artistic as her childhood aspiration.  YES!  One I might have a chance at completing.

The family home expands to include some kid stuff...but we're sticking with the one bed for now.

What?  We haven't forgotten about you. 

Why did I take this picture you ask?  Because Jackson was being a jealous idiot just because his wife's old roommate (female) stopped by for a visit.  

Having a child means we're spending our days at home.  We got yoga mat for Jackson and Yaretzi to use.  They both enjoy doing yoga routines.

Father and daughter bonding.  Yes Jackson, you do have to socialize with your only child.

A new Landgraab is on the way. 

The family buys a stove so Yaretzi can do some REAL cooking.

With the goal of good food in mind, the family starts a small garden.  It's to much effort to go foraging for free range potatoes.

Tatiana is making great strides towards her aspiration.

Jackson breaks his computer from to much novel writing.  I can't believe I never had a sim write for a living before.  Very profitable the book writing.

I give in and create a bedroom for Jackson and Yaretzi.  Just a little bit of privacy in our simulated world.

Tatiana moves on to learning the violin.  We're going to finish her aspiration.  I just know it.

Nancy doesn't look very happy about her current situation.

I have FINALLY gotten best friends in the game.  They were soulmates long before they were best friends.  Is that weird or is it just me.

Yaretzi gets another promotion and earns a coffee pot.

Jackson learns he's going to be a papa again.  In a moment of weakness I let these two, both with completely red fun meters, try for baby once.  It was successful. Maybe it's because they are still young adults but they are getting knocked up each and every time I try. 

So that's it for this round round of boring legacy play.  I wouldn't want to read this but if you did...thank you.

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