Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1.1 A new legacy begins

After months of not playing the Sims 4, I have started a new legacy.  I'll be trying to stick with this one AND I'm going to try to blog it.  I've been slacking in that area lately.

This is the KITLING Legacy.  This is our founder Jackson Kitling.  Jackson is a human male (if that isn't obvious).  He is creative, loves the outdoors and jealous.  He longs to become a best selling author.

The Kitling Legacy will take place in Newport  Newcrest?.  I will be attempting to follow the 'official' rules.  We'll see how that goes.  I of course bend the rules right off the bat because Newport Newcrest does not have a 50x50 lot.  Instead Jackson buys the 50x40 lot which is $1500 cheaper.  To make up for that, we purchase both the knight and this gold lady and throw them in the household inventory for the duration of the legacy.  We were left with about $100 to much cash but I'm calling it close enough.

Let's take a moment to go over our Succession Laws before we begin.  We will be playing Strict Equality Gender Law (each heir must be the opposite gender of founder/previous heir - alternating gender of heirs each generation), Strict Traditional Bloodline (musts be related by blood to the founder), First Born Heir Law (oldest eligible child is heir), & Tolerant Species Law (aliens and supernatural are welcome in our family).

We start our legacy like most Sim 4 legacies begin, by sending our founder to the library.  Jackson meets several married ladies and writes a children's book.

He also meets a young and attractive librarian.  They got along pretty well by not so well that I remember her name I guess.

Jackson ate some free food he found sitting around.  He gathered a few collectibles and headed back to the library.  After a quick nap, he wrote his second children's book.  

Jackson finds a group of single gals and introduces himself.  They feed him which is great for the budget.  Yes, the neighborhood has 'berry' skintones.  I really like them although I've not had the best of luck getting them to pass on the future generations.

In need of a shower, Jackson heads to the gym.  This is a downloaded gym that was placed in Newport.  It has computers and a full kitchen.

Grilled cheese.  Yum.

And what's this.  Yes more lovely ladies.  Jackson is a happy man.

He does a bit of yoga before finally heading home.

Jackson collected a few things on the way home.  He wakes up stinky and dirty.  Well, back to the gym I guess.  But first, let's self publish those first two books.

We've finally chosen a spouse.  This is Yaretzi Devries.  She is a game spawned young adult.  She is active, loves the outdoors and is a snob.  She wants to be a master chef.  After writing another book, Jackson invites her over to his place.

They sit and talk on Jackson's one piece of furniture.  Yaretzi agrees to move in.  She brings no money as per the rules.

We waste no time to get this legacy thing going.

The couple head back to the gym where Yaretzi takes a pregnancy test.  It's official.  We're having a baby.

Yes Jackson, you're going to be a dad.  Congrats.

Yaretzi cooks up a good meal for her man before heading off to work.  She's level one in the culinary career.

After crafting another novel, Jackson mellows out with some more yoga.

The next morning the couple head nearby to mooch some food.  The preggers girl has a bit of an accident on the way to the food.  Her boyfriend Jackson gets jealous of her sitting at another table without him.  I'd be jealous if all that mucky smelly mess wasn't right next to me too.

After getting some royalties and selling some collectibles, the house expands.  Now we can bathe at home and write our novels out under the stars.  We're still using the public toilets.  I love that feature of Newport.  Of course the simmies find it gross but I think it's fabulous and saving me some cash.

You're getting big there girl.  Poor baby.  She doesn't look comfortable at all.

I should mention that I've downloaded a story progression sort of thing that I don't really know how to use.  It should slowly marry sims, move sims into empty houses and produce pregnancies among the uncontrollable sims.  Our first notification is the marriage of the legend Don Lothario.

Day 9 list of royalties.

Yaretzi gets a promotion.

Since Yare earned some counters, we went ahead and bought a fridge.  Yare starts making a garden salad right away.  

We also buy a toilet and build a bathroom.  We have our first room.  Yeah.

With a baby in our immediate future, Jackson finally makes it official.  He asks Yaretzi to be his girlfriend.  Bout time dude.

He follows it up with a proposal.  Let's make it official.

Jackson impales Yaretzi with his beak.  I'm proud to say that I crafted Jackson myself.  They should make unique kiddies, or so I hope.

No dearest, you're light as a feather.  Really.

Wait...are you in labor?

Hold on darling.  Maybe we should exchange vows now.  

Mr & Mrs.

Contractions are back huh?  How about you take a nap while I start my next novel?

How can he sleep when I'm about to burst?

Oh my gosh.  It's happening.  It's coming.  It's.....

It's a girl.  No pics because I RULE!

Our generation two heir is Tatiana Kitling.  Tatiana was the first random name that came up and I liked it so I kept it.

Next time we'll get our first look at our heiress and decide if we should have another kid or not.

And maybe if we're lucky, the next post will be better than this.  Sorry.  I just don't have it lately.  Don't know what my problem is.

Anyway, more later.

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