Friday, January 29, 2016

100 Angel Babies: Baby Daddies 1-10

The Sims 4  100 Baby Challenge

Hi.  I've started playing the 100 baby challenge recently.  I play it after work when I'm stressed.  Not so many rules and I'm learning a ton about the Sims 4.  I don't plan on posting this challenge but I wanted for my own sake to do a comparison/reminder of babies and daddies.  So if you are interested, join me as we review the children of our founder Totali Angel.  Totali is playing a normal lifespan, aging on, no job, no one moves in, babies age on birthdays, kids age with A, teens age with A, can move out when young adult, youngest girl takes over as heir when we leave our baby making years.  Baby names are randomly generated in game.  I hit the random key one time per number of the pregnancy.  All traits for the kids is randomized using mother & father's traits with the Sim 4 legacy randomizer.

Baby Daddy #1 is Bjorn Bjergsen

Baby 1 Jazmine Angel
#1 Jazmine Angel: Painter Extrodinaire: Geek, Insider, Self Assured
Our first baby moves out


Baby Daddy # 2 is Don Lothario

Babies 2 & 3: Natasha & Gloria Angel

Gloria & Natasha

#2 Natasha Angel: The Curator: active, creative, jealous
#3 Gloria Angel: Freelance Botanist: Cheerful, Loves the Outdoors, Jealous
Natasha moves out.

Gloria moves out with her twin.

Baby Daddy # 3 is Mortimer Goth

Baby 4 Ashlynn Angel

Ashlynn Angel: Master Mixologist: Outgoing, Mean, Neat
Ashlynn moves out and now lives with Jazmine.

Baby Daddy # 4 is Bob Pancakes

Babies 5 & 6: Erin & Karla Angel
# 5 Erin Angel

#6 Karla Angel

Erin Angel: Serial Romantic: Cheerful, Creative, Active
Karla Angel: The Curator: Slob, Music Lover, Loner

Karla moves out.
Erin moves out with her twin.


Baby Daddy # 5 is Steve Crook  (before custom skins taken out)

# 7 Hugh Angel our first boy (before custom skins removed)
Garret Angel: Master Chef: Self Assured, Geek, Squeamish

Baby Daddy # 6 is Braxton Akers 
Braxton's traits:  Loner, Glutton, Perfectionist

# 8 Hugh Angel (custom skins taken out just before birth)
Hugh Angel: Joke Star: Glutton, Slob, Music Lover
Hugh moves out to share a house with brother Garret.

Baby Daddy # 7 is Malcolm Landgraab

Daughter Taylor Angel

Taylor Angel: Successful Lineage: Art Lover, Clumsy, Creative

Baby Daddy # 8 is Eric Lewis

Daughter Arlene Angel

Arlene Angel - Good, Lazy


Baby Daddy # 9 is J Huntington III

Son Darrin Angel

Darren Angel - Loner, Cheerful


Baby Daddy # 10 is Mitchell Kalani

Twins: Davin & Yvonne Angel

Davin Angel - Mean

Yvonne Angel - Squeamish

Note to Self:  Take pictures of all the kids next time in.

So I'll update this when I get more pictures.  Hope you enjoyed the ride.  Updated 2/6/16

All young adult kids can be found on my Sim 4 gallery page by searching EA ID Aquatami.


  1. so how old can a sims 4 adult stop having babies?

  2. I'm honestly not sure. Totali is not yet an adult (6 days til I think) but she's had 10 pregnancies. Someone told me that sims stop aging while pregnant. Not sure if that's true but the math would support it. I'm on normal lifespan, pregnancies are about 3 days each and she didn't get pregnant until her third day of the challenge. But I think they can get pregnant until they become elders or maybe a few days before elder birthday (like in sim 2).