Wednesday, August 3, 2016

1.2 Kitling Legacy - A New Life

Jackson was very nervous as he knelt and offered Ulrike his heart.  Should he have been more romantic?  Flowers?  Candles?  He didn't have the money for any of that. Should he at least have gotten dressed?  What if she said no.  What if...

There was no need to worry.  Ulrike said yes.  The two were married quietly later that morning.

Summer Holiday still shows up from time to time.  Jackson likes her as a person but wishes she'd stay away as she and Ulrike greatly dislike each other.

Things are going very well for Jackson.  The house (or lot if you prefer) is coming along nicely.  He seems to spend just as much or more time gardening than writing but that's okay for now.  He'll work as hard as needed to give his legacy a firm foundation on which to build.

And a legacy they will soon have.  Ulrike is expecting a baby.  Jackson can't wait to meet his daughter. (or son but he definitely wants a daughter).

Ulrike couldn't stop smiling.  Her family didn't have a lot of material things but they did have love.  She was very proud of the man that was her husband.

She wouldn't mind, however, if he'd stop breaking the shower.  She is an artist, not a repairman.  Of course Jackson was quick to point out that there is a certain amount of artistry in both careers.

Ulrike:  It won't be long and I'll be back to my before baby body.

Jackson:  Don't you know I'll love you no matter what size you become?

Ulrike's creativity was interrupted one morning but sharp pains.  It was baby time.

Ulrike gave birth to a daughter, Zhanna Kitling.  Jackson could hardly wait for her to grow up, but didn't want to miss a minute of her life by having her do so.

With Zhanna's birth came the realization that more walls might be needed.  He and Ulrike will need a little privacy after all.

Or not.

Zhanna soon grew into an Active little Social Butterfly.

She definitely has her daddy's chin.

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