Wednesday, August 3, 2016

1.1 Kitling Legacy - So it begins...again

When the sims first came out, this was one of the first sims I created.  I know he's unique and some might call him unattractive but he will forever have a special place in my heart.  This is Jackson Kitling.  He originally had a different name and I once before tried to start a legacy with him.  I've been under the weather lately, or as my doctor phrased it, I have The Crud.  So I started a new legacy.  Maybe I'll finish this one. It could happen.

Jackson Kitling is Creative, Jealous and Loves the Outdoors.  He wants to be an author (although the correct wording escapes me this moment).

Jackson is doing the Extreme Legacy Start meaning he is on the largest lot in Windenburg.  He is starting in the hole so he must earn some money to buy his Knight for the family inventory.

For our legacy we are doing Strict Equality (the heirs must rotate in gender each generation), Strict Bloodline (must be able to trace your bloodline back to the founder), First Born Heir (the oldest eligible child becomes heir), Tolerant Species Law (aliens are allowed to be heirs) and just to make things interesting, the Exemplar Trait of Creative (all heirs must have rolled the creative trait).  You don't loose for not having the creative trait.  We will just carry it as far as we can which may not be far.  If no one is creative in a generation, the eldest otherwise eligible child becomes heir.  Traits are rolled on each birthday and not all at once so you won't know who will be the heir until they all start becoming young adults.  This could be interesting.

Jackson had just moved into his empty lot and started a bit of fishing when he heard someone call out to him.

He was being summoned by some of the local eligible ladies who had apparently already learned that a young marriageable man had moved in.

Of all the ladies, Jackson was drawn to one.  Her name is Ulrike Faust.  She was lovely and creative.  A very powerful combination.

When the other ladies headed for home, Jackson and Ulrike spent some time lying in the road and staring at the stars.

When Ulrike excused herself to head home, Jackson headed to Willow Creek's library to do a bit of writing.

He later headed next door where he gorged on chips and introduced himself to one and all.

If you think showing up in the same dress is embarrassing....

Jackson spent his first night sleeping on the couch at the gym.  It's not a perfect life but it's a start.

The next morning Jackson had a wonderful breakfast made by Bob Pancake.  He spent more time introducing himself around town.  He spent a part of the afternoon looking at the clouds with Summer Holiday.

Jackson invited Summer over one night.  Maybe she was turned off by his living arrangements.  Maybe they were just destined not to be together.  For whatever reason, this night their relationship was moved firmly into the friend zone.

You see, Ulrike called Jackson up that very same night and invited him to a party at the Bluffs.  Jackson arrived and was suddenly very embarrassed about his unkempt appearance but he didn't let that stop him.

That very same night, Jackson spoke from his heart and invited Ulrike to share his life forever.  She agreed and moved in.  She didn't have any money to contribute the their new life but that was okay.  Jackson wasn't alone anymore.

It turns out that Ulrike is a Creative, Art Loving Perfectionist who wants to be a Painter.  It was just meant to be.  Jackson was sure of it.

They celebrated their newfound love under the stars.

And thus begins our legacy.

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