Monday, June 6, 2016

1.1 Holiday 100 Babies Challenge

Hi everyone.  I know I haven't been about much lately.  First I got a new computer with windows 10. happened.  But I've started something new that I hope to stick with.  I'm not good with that but we'll give it a try.

This is our founder, Bunny Holiday.  I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Holiday family from the Sims 2 Yahoo Prosperity group but that was where the last name came from.  I always loved Andre.  The Bunny....I'd think that was self explanatory.  Bunny looks a bit like a Barbie doll.  That was intentional.  She is the opposite of anyone I usually make.

Bunny Holiday was given a knowledge aspiration.  I don't remember which one.  We will be switching aspiration for maximum aspiration point collection.  Her traits are quick learner (from her starting aspiration), genius, creative and neat.

I'm not going to go over the rules for this.  I'm sure everyone can google it without any problems.  I will say that I am going to change the aging up requirements to make things a bit harder.  According to the rules, in order to age up to a teen you must have an A in school & in order to age to a young adult you must have an A in high school.  My current plans are to require children to have an A in school + have maxed one childhood skill (mental, social, creative or motor).  For a teen to age up, the must have an A in school + max two skills.  We're going to try it and I might revert to the regular rules if things just get to hard.  We'll see.  As a personal  goal I will also not be trying for a baby with anyone that I don't know all the traits for.  Or that's the plan anyway.

Bunny has moved into this starter house in Windenburg.  It's small, only two bedrooms, but I think it will work for now.  As you may know, Bunny isn't allowed to have a job so she will start learning to paint and then we'll branch out from there.

The welcome wagon arrives.  Lots of lovely ladies. 

Gunther Munch:  What am I, invisible?

Nope.  You are target number one.  Bunny, you're on.

Bunny:  Hi there.  I'm Bunny.  It's so nice to meet you.

Gunther:  Ah, yeah.  This fruit cake I made is hideous.  I really shouldn't have eaten it.  I'm very uncomfortable.


Bunny:  Who is she?

Gunther:  My mother.

Bunny:  Still living at home then?

Gunther:  Of course.  Our home is far nicer than anything I could have on my own.

Bunny:  But you ARE of legal age?

Gunther:  Yes.  I'm a young adult.

Bunny:  Excellent.  You'll do.

Gunther:  Pardon me?

Gunther:  Well, everyone is leaving.  I guess I should.. <SMACK>

Bunny:  Are you sure you can't stay?

Gunther:  A man doesn't stay alone with a strange woman.

Bunny:  But what if I was your girlfriend?

Gunther:  Well, that's different.

Gunther:  I've never had a girlfriend before.

Bunny:  Neither have I. 

Gunther:  And it's not even dark outside.

Bunny:  We can pretend.

Bunny:  WOOHOO!  Baby number one is on the way.

Bunny:  I feel very large for someone who just woohooed an hour ago.

Gunther Munch: Bookworm, Creative, Clumsy

Bunny:  I can't believe my BOYFRIEND invited me to the pub for bear night and then just deserted me.  And just because he spied his mother. I'm so glad I'm done with him.  I hope the next one is more mature.

What difference does that make?  You're only after his 'manly essence'.  That saying so cracks me up.

Bunny:  Why am I walking through the wilds collecting this again?

Because you need money.  And no one told you to dress up and wear heals.

Bunny:  I dress to seduce.  I don't dress for manual labor. 

Well when you're child grows up we'll make them do it.

Bunny:  Darn straight we will.

Bunny?  Oh dear.  I might have pushed her a bit to far.

Bunny:  OH!  I don't like this.

Don't worry.  The hospital has drugs.  Call the boyfriend and make him take you.

Gunther:  Oh my gosh.  Mother is going to kill me when she finds out.

Bunny:  Did he seriously just ditch me while I'm in labor?

Doctor:  Oh honey, all the unmarried ones do that.  You might as well get use to it.

Bunny:  Just great.

Bunny:  Can we get on with this already?

Bunny:  OH dear.  I have no heart.  <faints>

Doctor:  No worries.  I got this.

Doctor:  See.  I told ya.

Bunny:  I can't believe I had twins.  A son and a daughter right off the bat.

It's the law of Sims 4.  You only get triplets if you don't have the fertility treatment and you REALLY want a single birth.  So it makes perfect sense that you'd have twins with no fertility treatment and my other sim with a fertility treatment has nothing but single births. 

Meet Aspen Holiday and her brother Austin Holiday.  So sweet.  We've started this one off with a bang.

Bunny:  I thought we discussed this.

You are just starting a community garden in Oasis Springs park.  It's something I'm really in to right now.  You will have to tend it any time you visit the park but it will be fine.  And profitable.

Bunny:  Kids need to grow up quick.

Bunny:  Fishing?  Really?

Fishing is very profitable.  This particular spot is known for cow plants and violins.  We can use all the cash we can get.

Bunny:  I just want to find a guy for a quick date, maybe get pregnant tonight and then sleep in tomorrow.

You are such a dreamer.

Bunny:  Hey handsome.  What are your plans for tonight?  The silent type?  That's okay.  We can speak without words.

Bunny:  Now that we're primed, how about we go on a date to......

Bunny:  Did he just leave?  Did he just leave  ME!

Hun, I think he had work tonight.

Bunny:  Rude.  I need a date.  I want one right now.

Bunny:  Why hello kind sir, how are you on this fine evening?

Married Bunny.  He's very married.

Bunny:  Like I care.  So, let's hang out for a while, shall we.

Mortimer:  Well, I was just going to walk home but I guess I could do that later.

Mortimer:  I don't know what possessed me to accept your invitation for this date...but I'm glad I did.

Bunny:  You are just so sweet.  Would you like to be my boyfriend?

Mortimer:  Oh my.

Bunny:  I like your bunny slippers.

Mortimer:  Yours are nice too.

Mortimer:  What are you doing in here?

Bunny:  Just peeing on a stick.  Congrats.  You're going to be a father.

Mortimer:  You know what, it's getting late.  I really should get going.

Bunny:  Sure thing.  I have to feed the twins anyway.

Mortimer:  You have twins?

Bunny:  Yes.  Newborns.  So adorable when they're asleep.

Mortimer Goth: Creative, Bookworm, Outgoing

Bunny:  Did your mother send you here?

Gunther:  Couldn't a man just want to stop by and see his baby?             Yes.  Yes, she wants to make plans for a wedding.  Make everything legal.

Bunny:  You should know that I'm pregnant.

Gunther:  But I haven't seen you since I dropped you off at the hospital.

Bunny:  I know.

Gunther:  So, Mother thinks you should wear champagne....that's a color I take it.

Bunny:  Go away Gunther.  Just go away.

Austin:  Why do I have to have a stupid sister?

Seriously game.  He ages up first and gets angry about an unwanted sibling?  She's his TWIN sister.

Aspen:  It's okay.  I love you anyway.

ASPEN HOLIDAY:  Whiz Kid, Art Lover

AUSTIN HOLIDAY:  Social Butterfly, Neat
For the record, traits are being roll on a random generator on every birthday.  I'm not using the legacy generator because that website is entirely to slow.  I'm rolling one trait at a time to see if that gives better randomness.  With the generator I'm using, parents traits aren't taken into account.  None the less, Austin got one of his moms traits.  I like that.

Austin:  Num num.  Cheesy goodness.

Bunny:  Can we not hire someone for this?

We just had to buy two beds.  So, no.  Don't worry.  You'll get the hang of it.

Bunny:  If my heals are ruined, I'll never forgive you.

The family took a trip to the park since it was the weekend.  Bunny started a club for her family.  It should help with homework and skilling.  We stayed for quit a while but apparently I didn't take any pictures.  Whoops.

To summarize, Aspen played three games of chess with various people.  Austin talked to anyone he could and made friends with one little girl.  He also managed to max his social skill and start working on the charisma skill.   He's an A grade away from aging to a teen. I had considered making the childhood aspiration mandatory as well but if the house gets full that would be impossible.  I think maxing one skill should be enough.  Or maybe I should make them max two as a child?  I'll think on it.

On Sunday night, Bunny went into labor.

Bunny:  Less talking.  More getting me to the hospital.

Doctor:  Congratulations.  It's twin boys.

Bunny:  What?  But....I thought these kinds of things really didn't happen that often.

Doctor:  It's probably just a random event.  A coincident that you had two sets of twins in a row without the fertile trait.

Bunny:  Sure.  Well, this is speeding up the process.

Meet Boston Holiday and his twin brother Baltimore Holiday.  I blanked on the names.

Anyway, we'll leave things here for now.  Just a single mom and her two sets of twins in a starter house with only two bedrooms and not enough cash to buy two more beds.  Fun.  This is one week (or maybe 8 days) in the life of Bunny Holiday.

Next time the boys will age up and we'll try to find us a new daddy.  I'll try to remember to take a good face shot of Bunny so you can get a better look at her.  Also, I had a plan to not alter any houses we are in but just live in them as they are built.  Not sure where I'm going to fit in two more beds.   I might be able to swap bedrooms and make it work.  I honestly didn't think I had to worry about this many little ones this soon.

Well, until next time, happy simming everyone.

Babies Born:  4
Aged to Young Adult: 0

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